Friday, May 15, 2015

fifteen of fiffteen in year fifteen

bad day .
messy things .
everything is worst .
feeling down
tears falling again and again
im tired . too tired
im weakest in the world
im always tried
but always failed
should i stay a life in this world ?

why i always blame you

because im the hypocrite
because im a bad person
because im not sincere all of the kind i did

I hate myself
seriously .

just wanna die

now .

can i ?

im sick to face fucker thing

im sick to be myself
i really hate myself
i have tried so many thing
to be a good person
to be a good of friend
to be clever
to be smart
but at the end
nothing !

can you hold my hand
teach me like a kid
dont do that
dont do this
i am not the easy person you can handle

i even cant love myself
how could yourself ryte ?

make me fall for you .
believe me, you will never regret when you success did it .