Saturday, July 4, 2015

im not desperate

i keep feel menggeletik
bile ada orang nak kahwin
they think i wanna get married
just because i dont have a boyfriend
so i cant get married

to you,
please listen this well
its better to you
better to the others
keep your mouth shut
open your eyes
read this well too

its only an ease word
but the relationship its too difficult

im not desperate
seriously .

*tutup lampu

ini untuk him

dear you,
terime kasih untuk pengorbanan
saya pergi dari hidup awak
awak relakan dalam keadaan marah
tapi sekarang awak berkeadaan makin baik
itu sudah cukup buat saya
yang sentiasa dihantui rasa bersalah

sekarang awak berkeadaan baik
saya juga .

saya makin baik disini
yang sentiasa mahu yang terbaek untuk awak

harap nanti di lain hari nya
awak makin bertambah baik

itu saja untuk saya


its nice to see your smile
but its will appear when im not around

its nice to hear your laughing
but its heard when im not there

its nice to know if you happy
its more than enough for me

if i should being invisible
i will do it for you

just only for you

hati ini terasa merajuk

keep avoid to read anything
even there is no my name
but this heart too sensitive

keep to take care of your heart
try to make you laugh
but its just wasting time
its doesn't seem look success

i take a step
to run till the end
until i found what i needed

but when i fall
can u hold my hand ?
to take care of me ?

the answer is no ryte
i knew it

there is bleeding again
i hate myself too much

fasting month for my first year in degree

halloooo .
tomorrow is 17 ramadhan
but this nyte is my first terawih
ouh, engat kan bulan ni nak cukup kan sebulan
tapi tak kesampaian
for the first week . its exam week .
alasan la kalau tak pegi terawih
for the second week
malas nak cakap

harap bertemu lagi next ramadhan
harap sempat Ya Allah
izinkan lah diri ini

yesterday is her befday

actually i wanna be the first wisher
engat nak bangun at 12am
but i dont know where is my fon 
so just continue my sleep
sorry for late wish
jadik anak yang baek ya
jadik adik yang baek ya
jadik hamba yang solehah ya
semoga your relationship long lasting ya
jangan kecik hati dengan i ya

no more hurt

this semester break
i wanna feel break
far away from others
no more twitter
no more whatsapp group
no more wechat
no more facebook
please , i need a rest

this heart too much bleeding
this two month i will wrapping this wound
i will make sure there is no scar