Wednesday, July 27, 2011

sory beb ,

babe , u know , kalau i tak reti nak mulekan sesuatu 'perbicaraan' tu
then , i pon tau , kalau u da tau , kalau i tak suke face-to-face ='=

babe , u know , if u asking me carefully , i will answered u question
siyez , the way u asking like want scold me , that make me want to cry

babe , u know , i alwayz waiting you .

babe , u know , i tak mintak u tok ade kat sisi I 24 hours . i know u also want privacy meh .

babe , u know , im alwayz miss our activity time such as  once .

babe , u know , wherever i go , when i see 'kueh karas' , i dont know la how to spell that things . i alwayz remembered you . u know that ? ='=

babe . u know . i have a lot of story to share with u . but i understand if u bz with your an assignment .

babe , u know , when you got sick , i want take care of yourself such as always we do once . but i cant ! ego saye tinggi sangat la . sory dear

babe , u know , if alwayz pray , so that our relation can be more more more better . hopefully !

babe , u know what , i juz need u in my life , because u alwayz care n know me better .

babe , u know . i dont like our situation right now . siyez. hopefully dugaan ni cepat2 la berakhir .

babe , u know i alwayz miss n luv u forever k !

deeper of my expression :')

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