Friday, December 6, 2013

got married

Hyeeee. Walau tak de yang bace blog yang memang tak de sangat follower ni, I still nak say hyeee okey. Actually who cares . Hahah . Bia je la. So what I want to share isssssssn.mhew hew hew. Yessss im got married. Oh my oh my oh my , should im getting excited ? Or something that should we feel, is like urmmm. Yeahhhhhh , ouhh i dont think so ....

Ok first of all, the answer when people keep asking me, whether i have someone special, and the only answer that i will said. Im get married. Its easier. Dont you belive ? You should try its girl ! Im happy . Im happy even you are not around. I can be strong as long as i can

Seriously, i miss you
Please do contact me .
Ya Allah,
If we are not meant to be together
Please, let me know, if he was happy with his future wife
I will accept it. And will redha for all that happend even it so hurt.

To you,
there is nothing to regret what happend between us.
Thanx for the all happiness that you have given
Thanx for the song even you  have a shake
Its so nice, its so sweet,

Im promise, it will be last !
Take care of urself.

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