Saturday, December 15, 2012

its okay .

I didn't change. I just want to be better than before. If you can''t accept me for who i am, its okay.

you are right

i dont have as much as you . 

both of us need a time to think about .

not a perfect . seriously im not . and im never saying that one 

just wanna say sorry . 

almost twenty 

just wanna a looking peaceful .

both of us . maybe u are not . but i have to . 

difficult to erase the memories .

but trying to look forward . 

sorry . sorry . sorry .

my fault . 

Saat kita sudah terlampau marah sehingga tidak mampu berkata apa-apa, saat itulah kesabaran diri benar-benar teruji.

1 comment: said...

nice speaking oo..mybe u can teach me ?? haha